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Snapshot: Nortis is a Seattle-based biotech company, founded by former University of Washington faculty. Nortis spun-out in 2011 and is located in the University of Washington startup incubator.

Our Mission: Nortis is dedicated to developing a new generation of in-vitro systems that advance the discovery of novel therapies and reduce the timeline and costs associated with their translation into the clinic.

Technology: Nortis has developed technologies for generating small segments of human tissues and organs in microfluidic chips for the in-vitro study of human health and disease. The technology represents an important alternative to lab animals in pharmaceutical drug development, where more predictive preclinical test models are urgently needed to increase clinical trial success. This advance will overcome a large barrier to developing therapeutic drugs and vaccines for diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

Product: We are collaborating with multiple investigators throughout the United States to develop and validate our technology and plan to launch our first product in late 2014. 


Nortis is made up of seasoned medical scientists, biologists, engineers, business experts, and consultants in regulatory affairs and intellectual property. Our team members have significant research experience in academia and industry with track records in inventing, developing, and marketing ground-breaking biomedical technologies.

Thomas Neumann, MD, Founder, President and CEO

Before founding Nortis, Dr. Neumann held leading biomedical research positions in academia and industry. Dr. Neumann is the lead inventor of Nortis's proprietary techniques for tissue engineering vascularized tissue/organ microenvironments. As principle investigator of several prestigious grants from the NIH and other organizations he has significant experience in leading multidisciplinary teams.

Alan Nelson, PhD, Co-founder and Chairman

Dr. Nelson is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several successful companies, including NeoPath, which was acquired by Beckton Dickinson. Its FDA-approved FocalPointTMSlide Profiler for automated analysis of PAP smears has become the gold standard for cervical cancer screening.


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