Nortis’ ParVivo™ Organ-on-Chip Technology


Microfluidic Organ-on-Chip solutions


Nortis' Organ-on-Chip solutions

Nortis’ Organ-on-Chip (OOC) solutions are based on microfluidic devices (chips) that contain tiny segments of living tissues grown from cells derived from human organs. These tissue chips are important alternatives to lab animals and traditional dish-based cell cultures in biomedical research, pharmaceutical drug development, environmental health & safety testing, and many other areas. Nortis’ OOC solutions comprise several options:
Plug&Play Chips

Plug&Play Chips with pre-established tissues derived from fully characterized cell sources.

Empty Chips

Empty chips (without tissue) for researchers who want to build their own tissue models.


Testing of compounds provided by the customer, performed as service by the Nortis team.


Development of customized tissue models and assays by the Nortis team.

Nortis’ ParVivo™ Organ-on-Chip Technology

Customers around the world use Nortis’ ParVivo™ OOC technology to study normal function, disease mechanisms, as well as efficacy and side effects of therapeutic drugs on critical human organs, such as liver, kidney, brain, blood vessels, and immune system and for applications in cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and ageing.