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Nortis at the 4th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2017

Nortis at the 4th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2017

Glance Over 4th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2017

After continuous success in 2015 and 2016 in Europe, the 4th Drug Discovery Innovation Programme 2017 on the special demand of our USA clients, was a big success in the history of DDIP’s, eliminating all the imperfections.

This provided a platform to gather world’s leading scientists in the field of Drug Discovery and development to discuss their latest researches, innovations, technological advancements and breakthroughs in the field of Drug Discovery and Development in the stimulating set up of The Bostonian Boston, USA on 2nd-3rd November 2017.

The Drug Discovery Conference was an electrifying event where executives met fellow key decision makers all around academic institutions, Pharmaceuticals, and Biotech, CRO’s making the conference a perfect place to share experience, foster collaboration through research talks and dedicated networking sessions.

The main idea of this year’s DDIP was to throw light on the recent advancement in the following areas:

Novel approaches in Drug Designing.
Advancement in Medicinal Chemistry.
Target identification and validation.
Emerging techniques and enabling technologies.
Big Data and Drug Discovery.
Specialized sessions on cancer, rare diseases, and Alzheimer immunotherapy.
Use of CRISPR / Cas9 for targeted expression profiling.
Disease-specific Drug Discovery.
Treatment therapies.
Hear what our Client’s Say;

“Thank you very much again for inviting me to speak at last week’s DDIP, I enjoyed the conference a lot. Small enough to not get lost but big enough to meet some significant people”

Henning Mann, Scientific Director, Nortis Bio

“Thank you very much for enabling me to attend the DDIP meeting in Boston. This was an excellent meeting. I was very much impressed with the great organization, learned a lot about exciting new developments.”

Anka G. Ehrhardt, Director of Flow Cytometry, BMS

DDIP’s purpose to provide a platform where professionals from all over the world gather in one place and share their ideas and new advancement in the field of Pharma and biotech was met this year with our exceptional 2-day gathering in Boston

We would like to thank all the participants for making 4th DDIP a success.

Look forward to welcoming again in a new setting with a dynamic program next year in Boston, USA.