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ParVivo System

The ParVivo perfusion platforms each house 1 ParVivo chip and up to six supporting media reservoirs. Three-shelved docking stations that reside in a standard tissue culture incubator enable up to 36 independent experiments to be run at a time. Perfusion through both the tissue lumen and surrounding extralumenal space allow physico-chemical gradients to be created and perfusion fluids and cells to be collected for downstream analysis. Each docking station shelf or an individual perfusion platform can easily be removed using the sealed quick connect fittings allowing easy transport between the cell culture incubator, biosafety cabinet, and microscope stage.

The ParVivo incubator gas pump powers the system and provides precise control of flow rates.  The pump recirculates incubator air maintaining your specific gas conditions without any additional consumables.  This precise flow control enables:

  • Creation of vasculature and other tubular tissues
  • Delivery of test compounds via the perfusate
  • Exposure to shear and flow forces that are present in the body
  • Independent perfusion through the vessel and matrix compartments

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