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What is an Organ-on-Chip?

An Organ-on-Chip is a microfluidic platform for growing organ models.  Flesh out

How is the ParVivo system different from other Organs-on-Chip?

The ParVivo system uses a unique tube through biogical matrix architecture that allows cells to assemble and migrate in all three dimensions.  Other Organs-on-Chip use porous membranes or synthetic scaffolds to create artificially organized structures.

What organs can I grow in the ParVivo System?

The ParVivo system has been used to create kidney, liver, blood vessels, heart, intestine, cancer, and stem cell models.  See the applications section for more details.

What data collection methods is the ParVivo System compatible with?

The ParVivo system is compatible with brightfield, fluorescent and confocal microscopy, functional studies including permeability, growth factor and cytokine analysis in effluent, histology, and total cell genomics analysis.

Will the ParVivo System work with my incubator?

The ParVivo System works with standard incubtors that meet the following requirements:

A sample port for pneumatic hoses

Shelf Space 16.5” x 6” x 8” WxDxH

Will the ParVivo System work with my microscope?

The ParVivo perfusion platform fits into a well-plat footprint and is 2” tall.  The working distance to the center of the tube is 500um.

What is the ParVivo chip made out of?

The ParVivo Chip is silicone, with a glass coverslide.  It has a polycarbonate shell and acetal valve screw which do not contact the culture media.

The reservoirs are made from PET, with a fused silica flow restrictor and a PEEK collection tube.

How many cells are grown in the ParVivo System?

The cell tube is 125um x 5mm and holds 10,000-20,000 cells.

How long can cells be cultured for?

We have demonstrate 80 days of viability in a HUVEC vessel.

What flow rates are supported by the ParVivo System?

The ParVivo system supports flow rates from 0.25-2.5uL/min.  The system can run for 3 days unattended at 2.5 uL/min allowing experiments to run over the weekend without adding media.

What matrices are supported in the ParVivo System?

The ParVivo system is most commonly used with a collagen 1 matrix but other polymerizing hydrogels can be used as well.  Please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.